Coronavirus Causes Students to Consider “Plan B” for the Summer

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, a number of camps, colleges, and universities are cancelling their on-site summer programs. If your summer program has been cancelled, there are still ways you can make the most of your summer.  
1. Take a college summer program online. Quite a number of colleges are moving their summer programs online, including Columbia and Georgetown. While a student won’t get to experience a college campus or dorm life, taking courses online is still a great way for a student to explore their interests.  
2.  Take free courses online. If you want an online course option, know that there are plenty of options, and you don’t have to worry about them being closed out. MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses), are just what their name implies: giant online courses that anyone with access to the internet can take. Thousands of courses are available in dozens of subjects, including business, programming, communication, life sciences, and engineering. Students can even earn professional certificates. Many of the MOOC providers offer courses in conjunction with colleges, including Berklee College of Music, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, Ivy League schools, and universities outside the U.S.  Businesses offering classes include Disney, Goldman Sachs, IBM, and The Linux Foundation. Courses are free unless a student intends to obtain recognized credit, such as a degree or certification. 
Here is a link to online MOOC providers and a sample of their courses.
Sample Courses:
– Introduction to C++
– Philosophy and Critical Thinking
– Digital Design
Sample Courses: 
– Control of Mobile Robots
– English Composition I
– Dynamic Public Speaking
Sample Courses: 
– Information Technology
– Intercultural Communication
– Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement
Sample Courses: 
– Disney Imagineering in a Box
– Linear Algebra
– Microeconomics: Consumer and Producer Surplus
Sample Courses: 
– Artificial Intelligence
– Poker Theory and Analytics
– Philosophy of Film
Sample Courses: 
– Introduction of Conflict Resolution
– Legal Practice Course Foundation
– Data Skills for Public Health
Sample Courses: 
– Creating Musical Sounds
– Global Warming, Social Marketing
– The Poetry of Sorley MacLean
3. Do an internship.  Many internships are still scheduled to proceed as normal. Some students are exploring the possibility of interning remotely. 
4.  Consult with us.  If you want an off-line summer idea, please call your ICC counselor to discuss, and please be patient. Like you, we don’t know what will be open, but we can strategize together. We understand that students are worried about missing sports, activities, academic competitions, and other college credential boosters. Remember that high schoolers all over the world are experiencing similar situations.  
International College Counselors strives to be a strong resource and partner for your family. Even in these unprecedented times, we can enable your students to reach their fullest potential in the college admissions journey. We’re here to help. 
For help with any or all parts of the college admissions process, visit www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or call 1-954-414-9986.
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