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An Overview of Early Admission Stats for the Class of 2023

graduationOver the last few days, many of the most highly selective colleges in the U.S. released their Early Admission statistics for the Class of 2023.  As always, many more students applied than were accepted. And once again, it was harder than ever to get in.

Below is a chart of some of the early acceptance data released by a sample of different highly selective schools.

College/ University # of ED/EA Applicants # of Accepted ED/EA Applicants % Acceptance Rate of ED/EA Applicants Fall ‘19 % Acceptance Rate of ED/EA Applicants Fall ‘18
Brown 4,230 769 18% 21.1%
Cornell 6,159 1,395 22.6% 24.3%
Dartmouth 2,474 549 22.2% 24.9%
Duke 4,852 882 18% 21.4%
Harvard 6,958 935 13.4% 14.5%
Johns Hopkins 2,068 641 31% 29.9%
MIT 9,600 707 7.4% 6.9%
Notre Dame 7,334 1,534 20.9% 24.8%
Penn 7,110 1,279 18% 18.5%
Princeton 5,335 743 13.9% 14.8%
Yale 6,016 794 13.2% 14.7%

* ED = Early Decision; EA = Early Action

The colleges started putting together their class with an interesting combination of students with a range of demographics. For a more in-depth look at the profiles of accepted students, including some numbers on socioeconomic and geographic diversity, please visit the links below.

Brown: https://bit.ly/2S8JRbt
Cornell: https://bit.ly/2SSpKON
Dartmouth: https://bit.ly/2EDXtZe
Duke: https://bit.ly/2EDXGvu
Harvard: https://bit.ly/2EAe92G
Johns Hopkins: https://bit.ly/2T00VAf
MIT: https://bit.ly/2A87cTI
Notre Dame: https://ntrda.me/2SXQSMo
UPenn: https://bit.ly/2R4KghP
Princeton: https://bit.ly/2SP3khn
Yale: https://bit.ly/2A5pJzU

We congratulate all our seniors at International College Counselors who were accepted to their Early Action/ Early Decision schools. For other students still working on completing their applications or waiting to hear back, we are here for you!

For more information on the benefits of applying Early Decision and Early Action admissions or for assistance with applying to college, contact us at www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or call 954 414-9986.